About - RJ Frank

Rudy Frank is considered a photographer, philanthropist, youth mentor, and social innovator. In 2011 he received his BFA in Photography from the Arizona State University: Herberger Institute for the Arts & Design. After finishing undergrad, Rudy trained to become a 3rd degree certified black belt instructor through the American Taekwondo Association Worldwide. He then pursed his Master's education at ASU's: Lodestar Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Innovation and received a Master's degree in Nonprofit Leadership & Management in 2016.

Rudy hopes to combine his love for photography and mentorship with the missions of nonprofits internationally. His key focus is educational workshops, freelance photojournalism, and fundraising consulting. With an array of talents, Rudy has the ability to aid in youth program management, story boarding for fundraising campaigns, public relations, and leadership development.

Some of Rudy's work has been featured in publications such as Phoenix College Times and Martial Arts Success Magazine. He has worked with start up nonprofits such as Dignity Kids Inc., creating marketing materials for the breast cancer awareness act called Wishing For Mommy. During his college experience, Rudy helped establish a student lead organization called Forks For Change, which focused on creating volunteering events and youth mentorship programs in the greater Phoenix area.

Recently, Rudy's success has lead him to travel to Tanzania for 2 months as a Brand Ambassador for a nonprofit organization empowering the youth called RENEW. Their mission is to bring personal development to children around the world to help them learn to love themselves and love their dreams from an early age.

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